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De-risking the Post-pandemic with Arun Giridhar

TAGUIG, December 20, 2022 — Arun Giridhar, Splash Corporation Chief Operating Officer, emphasizes in CEO Magazine his experience as the pandemic interrupted just 6 months into Wipro’s integration of Splash Corporation. He shares lessons learned and how “de-risking” is the new “thinking out-of-the-box”. 

“De-risking has become the name of the game. The pandemic caught us completely unaware,” Giridhar says. “If you ask me what is the one business message that we take away from it right now, it’s that we have become more sensitive to risk in the environment. We have to look to do things differently. Old methods and old ways may not be as effective in the future as they were in the past.”

Giridhar expresses his optimism for the Philippines, but dangers include obstacles like the possibility of a recession, rising energy prices, inflation, and currency weakness in comparison to international currencies. Another thing he learned from the pandemic was to regularly monitor the company’s bottom line as a result of those global storm clouds. In 2023, he expects Splash to outperform its pre-pandemic results.

Arun Giridhar CEO
Arun Giridhar CEO

The COO explains that Splash is pursuing growth plans based on three strategic objectives as it emerges from the pandemic: accessing new consumer groups, aggressively regaining market share, and growing existing brands.

Splash also benefits from its focus on partnerships, which was successful during the pandemic. Giridhar claims that thanks to its solid relationships with suppliers, the company was able to prevent lengthy shutdowns and shortages of essential components and materials.

The business acted properly by involving the community near the factory in all safety procedures to help throughout the period of stringent mobility control limitations. This not only helped overcome supply chain difficulties but also spread goodwill throughout the community.

Arun shares with pride that Splash has won both the prestigious PMAP 2021 and HR Asia awards. “Every person is seen as a stakeholder, as a potential person who can give ideas to the organization and feel they are a valuable contributing member,” 

“The idea is to make Splash an engaging organization where you enjoy working and feel valued as an important contributing member,” he says. “People do stay long in this company so something is obviously going right.”

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