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Wipro Consumer Care recognizes the social and ecological challenges that face humanity today are as integral to its business as are economic drivers and therefore the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social good forms an essential part of our approach to responsible Corporate Citizenship.

There is a direct and indirect impact on the environment through the operational demands of business on natural resources viz energy, water & other inputs in our process. Hence Wipro recognizes its responsibility to assess and minimize the ecological impact of its business activities and protecting ecosystems upon which all life depends.

We wish to ensure that the policies and practices developed and practiced by Wipro not only address short-term requirements of operational efficiency but incorporate a much longer-term perspective of environmental and social custodianship for future generations. A fundamental premise underlying such an approach is that we fully engage with multiple stakeholders whose viewpoints and interests are considered and incorporated into our vision, policy and practices

Environmental Policy

A well articulated policy can serve as a lighthouse and as a catalyst for change. Wipro’s environmental policy has been articulated with this vision in mind. The backbone of the policy will be Wipro’s comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS). The policy will be applicable to all divisions of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Group and of any new operation that gets initiated.

Environmental custodianship and Corporate Citizenship are an integral part of our “Spirit of Wipro”, the foundation of Wipro values. The three cornerstones of our policy are “Compliance, Custodianship and Commitment” implying (i) compliance with environmental regulations (ii) responsible custodianship for our customers, suppliers, investors and employees and (iii) commitment to the principles of the triple bottom-line – Planet, People and Profit-through our actions within and outside Wipro. These are explained in detail in the following driving principles

  • Compliance in letter and spirit: Wipro believes that environmental regulations have a critical role to play as catalysts for sustainable development. Wipro will comply in both letter and spirit with all environmental and related laws, regulations, codes of practice & directives, as relevant and applicable to us in every geography that we operate in.
  • Wipro’s internal footprint: Wipro will strive to reduce and minimize the ecological footprint of its internal operations. Our focus will be on the four dimensions of Energy and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) footprint reduction, Water Efficiency, Sustainable Waste management and preserving and enhancing Biodiversity in our campuses. We will do this through a three pronged approach of (i) instituting robust processes in measuring and monitoring our impact (ii) deploying appropriate clean technologies and (iii) engaging all Wipro employees in continuous green improvements at the workplace.
  • Integration with business strategy: We will integrate internal ecological programs into our core business strategy and the corresponding processes of planning, goal-setting measurement and continuous review.
  • Customer Stewardship: We will engage collaboratively with our customers identifying and providing appropriate ‘Sustainable’ products, solutions and services, which will help the customers reduce his ecological footprint.
  • Stakeholder Inclusiveness: Wipro recognizes that the cause of ecological sustainability requires the collective focus of multiple stakeholders. A key cornerstone of our sustainability process will be to part-ner and collaborate with multiple stakeholders on common programs-(i) Working with our suppliers towards the goal of a responsible and sustainable supply chain (ii) Engaging with government in influencing environmental policies and regulations and (iii) Partnering the academia, NGOs and communities on the larger goals pertaining to sustainable communities, cities and regions.
  • Transparency: Wipro commits itself to being transparent about its sustainability goals and progress with all its stake holders. We will do this through multiple forums of reporting and disclosure as well as on-demand requirements from our stakeholders.
  • Leadership Commitment: Wipro’s Leadership commits itself to the principles and demands of being an ecologically sustainable organisation by provisioning adequately for the investment of necessary resources and by engaging employees continuously in the realization of our common ecological vision.

We will drive the implementation of our policy through widespread awareness and concrete actions, while being open to continual improvements. We believe that the policy serves a strong foundation for out goal of a seamless integration of marketplace, workplace, environment and community concerns with Wipro’s business operations in order to support the larger goal of sustainable development.

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