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We have always gone beyond our immediate business objectives to ensure a green, safe and sustainable environment. Our teams are at the heart of our sustainability journey, boosting engagement and advocacy. This has lowered the cost of our operations, making our business more sustainable for the environment.

Our upcoming plants will be green factories. For the existing plants, we have completed an exhaustive exercise to eliminate the use of PVC in our products, and converted to a environment friendly and easier to recycle alternatives. We are aggressively working towards Zero Landfill initiative in all our factories. Few of our factories are already compliant with this. Zero landfill initiative has helped us reduce the waste significantly.

We have also invested in Biodiversity parks in some of our manufacturing facilities. Our biodiversity parks in our India factory in Haridwar and Salatiga in Indonesia are flourishing parks. In addition, we have set up parks in Waluj and Haridwar in India to increase the green cover. We also maximise our rain water harvesting, in all our factories helping to recharge ground water that helps the local community by way of improved Water Table.

We use solar energy wherever possible and have set up Invertors, LED, power saving equipment as part of the energy conversation initiative.

Beyond the factory

We have extended our work to encompass greener formulation of products. Plastic is the main cause in the degradation of environment and eco-system. We are focusing on reducing the plastic usage by improving the packaging design and eliminating wasteful packaging.

We have reduced the paper consumption by over 40% in the last two years.

We have had extensive employee engagement on the waste reduction initiatives across our value chain. Periodic audits are conducted in plant as well as our Recyclers to ensure adherence to procedures and compliance to regulatory requirements.

Our Sustainable World

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