Splash sets up Holding Firm for Overseas Forays

Splash Corporation opens Singapore holding company for planned acquisition programs abroad.

Homegrown personal care company Splash Corporation recently opened a holdings company in Singapore as it prepares for possible international acquisitions this year.

Splash Corporation Chairman and CEO, Rolando Hortaleza said the company formed Splash Global Pte. Ltd. to “be used as a vehicle for possible mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures abroad.”

“We’re looking at brands or companies that we believe can help solidify Splash Corporation’s presence abroad,” he said.

“While Splash Corporation is also looking at local companies and brands to acquire, the international market presents many opportunities for us,” Hortaleza said.

The company’s international operations account for over 10% percent of the total revenues of Splash.

Splash Corporation’s revenues are expected to reach around P3 billion in 2010, up 15 percent from P2.71 billion the previous year. The company expects revenues in 2011 to grow even further by at least 20 percent.

“For the international markets, we’re prioritizing Southeast Asia and Indochina. These are the markets we are aggressively penetrating and investing on this year,” Eric
Domagas, Splash Corporation President and COO said.

“We are also further expanding our presence to take care of commercial distribution. We are securing additional distribution firms in the aforementioned markets,” he said.

Dr. Rolando Hortaleza, summarized the optimism of Splash Corporation in the foreign markets.
“We are very excited about the opportunities the international market presents ourcompany. By firming up our position in the Asean and Indochina markets, we are confident we can obtain the growth targets we set in 2011,” the Chairman and CEO said.

Splash products are now available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos,and Cambodia.

It is also sold in the Middle East specifically and Africa.

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