Splash going into other consumer care products

The Philippine Star – March 18, 2018


MANILA, Philippines – After solidifying market leadership in the highly competitive skin whitening, skin exfoliant, and specialized hair care categories, Splash Corp. expects to make significant inroads in other bigger consumer product categories.

Founded only three decades ago, Splash has regularly shaken up its market categories with innovative new products that were quickly embraced by the market.

Early product successes like Extract facial cleanser and Extraderm exfoliant established Splash as an aggressive new player that had an innovative spirit and unique insight into the Filipino consumer.

Splash built on this early success with brands like SkinWhite and Maxi-Peel which are now the leading brands in the skin whitening and exfoliant categories. The Vitress hair care line has allowed Splash to also become a leader in specialized hair solutions.

“We have all the parts in place for an aggressive entry into new product categories,”
said Splash co-founder and CEO Rolando Hortaleza.

“We will bring into these new markets the same ingredients of our success: our deep knowledge of the Filipino consumer that enables us to anticipate market needs, our speed at developing, manufacturing and distributing products that meet this market need, and well-thought out marketing strategies rooted in our deep affinity with Filipino consumers,”
Hortaleza said.

Hygienix Germicidal soap was introduced as an initial foray into the mainstream soap market. Aggressive marketing and distribution activities has positioned Hygienix as a player in the large anti-bacterial soap category.

Splash has a remarkable record at new product introductions that quickly take over the market. Maxi-Peel Zero, an exfoliant product launched only a year ago, has now become the leading product of Splash.

Product innovations and marketing prowess are not the only sources of the company’
s strength in the market. Over the past few years, Splash has created efficiencies and scale in its manufacturing which have enabled Splash to become one of the lowest cost producers of soaps and lotions in the Philippines.

Splash has also further extended its reach and distribution via subsidiary Prime Global Distribution Corp., which services not only national accounts, supermarkets, drugstores, convenience stores but also traditional accounts.