On Solid Ground – Splash Direct Sales


Last November 26 and 27, Independent Business Contractors(IBC) and Independent Business Distributors(IBD) of Splash Direct Sales from all over the country gathered for their annual IBC-IBD conference entitled: “On Solid Ground—Splash Direct Sales IBC & IBD Summit”. Every year, Splash Direct Sales convenes all of its independent business operators to discuss and present network programs for the coming year.  It is also a venue for business operators to reconnect with the management team behind Splash Direct Sales through meaningful events and activities and to to air out their questions and valuable insights about the direct selling industry.

This year’s theme, On Solid Ground, echoes the mantra of Splash Direct Sales for the year 2016. With all the programs in store for marketing, sales and operations, and network development, Splash Direct Sales will continue to solidify its position in the industry, as well as its commitment to its consumers and business drivers. With the backing of company-owned manufacturing and research facilities and a stable leadership team, Splash Direct Sales will continue to have a clear edge and a solid advantage over its competitors. With such a solid foundation, Splash Direct Sales will continue to be a strong player in the direct selling landscape, offering competitive opportunities for entrepreneurs and world-class products for Filipino consumers.

On the first day of the summit, IBC and IBD operators, accompanied by the Group Sales & Operations team and the Splash Direct Sales Management team, were welcomed by Splash Corporation’s President and COO, Ms. Vicci Tomas.  She briefly reiterated Splash’s commitment to growing and supporting its Direct Selling business.  She also highlighted the expansion plans for the manufacturing capability of Splash to include home care products for Direct Sales.   This was followed by the walking tour of the whole plant, led by Mr. Alan Alcantara, VP for Manufacturing, with Mr. Alexone Hortaleza, Executive Assistant to the CEO for Manufacturing Operations.  Through the walking tour, business operators were oriented on the production process of Splash products.

The day was capped by an intimate welcome dinner hosted by the Chairman and CEO, Dr. Rolando Hortaleza.  The dinner was also attended by the management team of Splash Corporation, Splash Direct Sales and HBC, as well as the other members of the Hortaleza family.  During the dinner, IBC and IBD operators got the opportunity to rub elbows with the executives behind the success of Splash Corporation. It was also a night to introduce new members of the Splash Direct Sales network and to recognize the loyal, long-standing ones.

On the second day (November 27), IBC and IBD operators attended the business conference proper at Seda Hotel, BGC. The activity was opened by the Chairman and CEO with his message on the commitment of the company in strengthening the direct selling division through the expansion of the home care line.  Mr. Fernando Manotok, CFO of Splash Corporation, gave a rousing talk about the solid foundations on which Splash Direct Sales and Splash Corporation are built

The IBC and IBD operators also got to learn about the upcoming programs for marketing, sales and operations, and network development for the year 2016. The year 2016 promises a stronger, and more solid consumer and dealer base that would help speed up the expansion of the network while still maintaining the needed liquidity and profitability.

At the end of the conference, IBC and IBD operators were going home reenergized and expressed commitment to Splash Corporation’s objectives and strategies.  They gave very positive feedback to the marketing, sales, operations and network development plans of Splash Direct Sales.