Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Ang•Hortaleza Foundation Inc.

“In the beginning, it was about survival: with little capital, a growing family, and uncertain socio-economic times, we embarked on a journey of self and spirit, despite the uncertainties. We took to heart what Albert Einstein said: It is better to believe than to disbelieve. In doing so, you bring everything to the realm of possibility” echoes Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza reflecting on the beginnings of Splash Corporation that he co-founded with Dra. Rosalinda Ang in 1985.


With a simple beginning; with dedicated people; with the strategies of vision, innovation, focus, discipline and hard work, constantly being practiced, Splash grew, progressed and continued to sculpt a niche in the market.


Blessed with two decades of consistent sales growth, a dominant local market presence and an emerging international presence, it then came naturally for the Hortaleza’s to practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a way to give back something of enduring value.
Thus, the birth of Splash Foundation, Inc. in Aug. 6, 1997.


“We shall be known as the model social development organization working towards the advancement of Filipino progress.”


• Promote self-reliance, productivity and local entrepreneurship through by income generating projects through livelihood programs.
• Support education through child Literacy Programs and scholarship grants.
• Safeguard pediatric health through child hospitalization assistance and management program.
• Upgrade the socio-economic conditions of the less fortunate through outreach programs.
• Uphold good values and generate awareness through public service campaigns.
• Foster community development through environmental efforts
• Assist the needy through charitable endeavors.

On Oct. 20, 2009, Splash Foundation, Inc. changed its name to Ang•Hortaleza Foundation Inc. that stands as the link between Splash Corporation, HBC Group and World Partners Group in the exercise of CSR on programs of livelihood, education, health, environment and community service. The unanimity of the Companies founded by the Hortaleza’s strengthens the realization of its vision.


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Splash Reasearch Institute

In the evolution of species, organisms must adapt to their environment or become extinct. A similar evolutionary process applies to business organizations. But while organisms depend on their survival instincts, business organizations must hold fast to their vision and values to shape and determine their survival.

Doctor Rolando B. Hortaleza, in his many talks and speeches, has continually expressed his vision for Splash “No Filipino company has yet made it globally in the area of cosmetics and we plan to be the first”. This was the very reason why the Splash Research Institute, a P40 Million complex, was established in August 1997. “It is the ultimate expression of our trust in the Filipino capability to compete with the world’s best. Someday, we envision this to become the premiere research facility in the whole Asia”.

The institute has committed itself to continuously search for new sources of value that would satisfy the rapidly growing needs of the personal care industry by employing cutting-edge technology. The facility has interdependent departments whose energies are directed towards creating breakthrough products. It is a haven for new ideas to grow, to take shape, to be rigidly tested and upon passing stringent quality standards, to serve as the models for new product offerings to the market.

Research and Development

Comprised of a team of highly skilled researchers, the Research and Development (R&D) Group works with precision equipment and instrumentation, top-grade quality materials and technologically advanced processes to put new hypotheses to the test; experiment with new theories or simply “let their creative minds play” to come up with exciting, new products that answer consumer’s needs.

The institute also ensures that al products made available to the market are backed up by rigid clinical tests, meticulously performed by dermatologists, to guarantee that superior efficacy and safety, stability and general product excellence are delivered to consumers.

Their R&D activities are supported by wealth of information and data made available through services that provide up-to-date scientific information and close coordination with foreign research institutions and cosmetics and personal care experts. Researchers are also continuously kept abreast with the latest global trends in beauty and personal care. Its adoption of information technology keeps the company up to speed with the market trends and movements and new products being launched elsewhere in the world.

Packaging Design

In an industry where aesthetics is key, Splash puts a special premium on packaging design. “The seduction of the consumer begins with packaging,” says Doctor Hortaleza. “As a potential customer, I am instinctively drawn to products that look pleasing to the eye,” add Doctora.

Packaging is always a combination of beauty and function. It should create a kin of “stage presence” for the product on the supermarket shelf; it should project the personality of the product. Whilst it does this, it should be able to protect the contents inside from the usual rough handling in warehouses.


The creative team, armed with technology and creative eye, swoops down on the product and creates for it packaging that arrest and captivates the consumer’s eyes; packaging is sturdy and survives “manhandling” during shipment and conforms to environmental standards.

Nowhere is the company’s core value of pioneering and innovativeness more clearly demonstrated than in its research facility. “Establishing itself as a research company, Splash has taken to heart the challenge of providing consumers with innovative, pioneering and world-class products,” declares Dr. Hortaleza. “The institute underscores our commitment to research and development as the driver of our growth.”