Corporate Mission/Vision/Values

Corporate Cause

We shall uplift the pride and well-being of the individuals and societies we serve.


We are a fast moving consumer goods marketing company that shall be known for strong brand management and making accessible pioneering, quality, innovative products derived from extensive research, to improve the well-being of our consumers. We shall do this through:

1. Leading edge trade and consumer marketing systems.

2. Pursuit of excellence in all other business systems.

We shall be generous in sharing the rewards with our employees, business partners, stockholders and our community for the realization of our corporate cause.

We shall uplift the pride and well-being of the individuals and societies we serve.


We are the leading provider of pioneering, innovative and globally competitive consumer goods and services.

Core Values

Faith in the Almighty
We believe that our success is made possible by the infinite goodness and guidance of God. All our triumphs, therefore, are dedicated to His greater honor and glory.

Ethical Governance
Our organization shall uphold the highest levels of ethical standards and professionalism in the conduct of its business.

Personal Integrity
We are committed to uphold honesty when conducting business. Our career is based on ethics. Our service, founded on sincerity.

Sense of Belonging
We are colleagues, friends, one family. We shall maintain a strong relationship among individuals in our organization, based on genuine caring, understanding, and righteousness.

Social Responsibility
We pursue social responsibility by giving back to the community and making contributions of enduring value.

Customer Orientation
We listen to our consumers. We get to know them. Because we exist for them, their deepest desires fuel ours. They are our true partners in innovation.

Productivity & Excellence
We aim to go beyond our limits. We seek to be better by doing things right, by working smart. And thus, produce more than expected, and deliver even before the expected time.

Pioneering and Innovative
By driving opportunities and challenging the status quo, we are able to come up with breakthrough, first-in-the-market, value-adding products.