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The Offer Shares may be purchased by any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age or a corporation, partnership, or trust account subject to restrictions of ownership, sales or transfer of the Offer Shares. Eligible applicants may subscribe to and purchase the Offer Shares by submitting a duly completed Application to subscribe, which must be received by the Underwriters during the Offer Period.

Our Competitive Strengths
Unique position in the industry

Although the personal care industry in the Philippines continues to be dominated by multinationals, Splash manages to compete successfully as the only Filipino-owned personal care manufacturer in the industry. The company’s strong market position is due to the success of its various skin whitening brands. Its in-depth knowledge of the local market gives it a strong competitive advantage over multinational companies.

Well-positioned to capitalize on the strong local market demand for personal care and health and wellness products

Splash believes that its understanding of the local market and its innovative product offerings enable it to take advantage of the opportunities presented by strong local demand for personal care and health and wellness products.

» Strong and Leading Brand Names.

Splash has established its reputation as one of the formidable players in the Philippine personal care industry. Splash carries the brands Extraderm, Maxi-Peel, and Skin White. It also carries one of the fastest growing skin care brands in the market- Biolink.

» State-of-the-Art Resources

Splash has invested in a state-of the-art manufacturing plant in Canumay, Valenzuela City. This sprawling 2-hectare, world-class manufacturing complex now supports the company’s expansion activities both locally and internationally.

» Strong Research and Development focus

Splash has established the Splash research Institute to continuously develop new products that would satisfy the rapidly growing needs of the personal care market by employing cutting-edge technology. It has developed a flexible brand and product creation process that allows Splash to readily respond to changes in consumer preferences.

» Committed and Experienced Management Team

Splash’s Board of Directors and Senior Management Team have combined average work experience of approximately over twenty (20) years in the personal care, health and beauty industries. Its dedicated management team has a vast knowledge of the needs and preferences of its Asian consumers..